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Instructors You can Trust!

Keep many things in mind when striving to maintain safety while driving. We are here to assist you with any inquiries you may have or concerns. Our team of instructors is dedicating to teaching you all you need to know to be a successful driver. We will show you the proper traffic laws, how to merge in traffic, how to handle different driving conditions and distractions, and help you practice with hands-on experience. We work hard to deliver to you an environment that is both personable and engaging so you retain what you learn and can apply it on your next destination, road trip or venture out on the major highways or roads.

Habeeb Fasuyi Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Habeeb is the Founder and CEO of SP Driving Academy. Prior to SharfPointers /SP Driving Academy, Inc, Habeeb was working as an Account Manager at Kaiser Permanente. Habeeb is responsible for the overall management of SP Driving Academy. Habeeb brings more than 20 years' experience with a full service practice covering revenue management, accounting and tax efficiency planning. Habeeb is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Master of Business Administration degree (MBA).
His clients often refer to his work as "brilliant," due to his creativity and his ability to think outside the box. His incredible work ethic is directly tied to his relentless desire in making sure we have more safe drivers on Maryland roads.
It's really satisfying to teach skills that ultimately can make such a big life changing difference. A lot of what we do comes down to encouraging, generating self- belief and building confidence that everyone can pass their test. And become a good driver along the way.

Regina Williams Program Manager / Driving Instructor

Regina has is a licensed /seasoned driving instructor at SP Driving Academy. She is also a licensed Driver Improvement Program. She has been teaching for over 17 years and she is very good with nervous student. She is responsible for managing time and schedule among the team.

Zee Bello Business Operations

Zee is the Director of Business Operations at SP Driving Academy. Zees always work to ensure SP Driving Academy achieves its mission during this key period of forward momentum, strategic focus, and expansion. Before that, she spent couple of years at one of the biggest International Multinational technology company in United Kingdom, IBM. She is a certified Project Management professional who carries an MSC in Management Information System from the University of Surrey, UK. Her roles cover many areas including business strategy, business development, and customer support and helping acquire Business growth. She has passion for student passing their MVA Drivers test and make sure the environment is encouraging and supportive.

Leonard Davis Director of Training and Development

Mr. Davis is an MVA Licensed Instructor at SP Driving Academy. He has been in the business for more than 20 years. As the director of training, he gives careful attention to the needs of each student thereby teaching the safe driving techniques in a friendly and calm manner. He is also licensed for Drug and Alcohol and Driver Improvement program.

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