"This school is very interesting because thanks to Shahida Ahmed, I now know what it means to be a good driver. I also understand a lot on this course as a way to become a better driver."

Joshua Ingobo

"Mrs.Shahida was a very good instructor. She taught and gave the understanding that I needed especially in order to understand the course. She was energetic and very welcoming."

jabria bruc

"Very good driving school. Very attentive to detail and super cautious. I'd advise first timers to this school. God bless Sp Driving school"

Jason Croll

"Ms. Shahida is a really good instructor. She took her time and made things clear when teaching. She always liked to helped me and other students understand things. She was patience and kind. I'm looking forward to doing the Behind the Wheel Training with her."

Tiara Poole

"Ms.Gina is the best driver instructor here . She pays attention to details about every topic. She funny and she be keeping everybody alive . I don't know about any other instructors. But choose her."

Muhammad Bah

"It was a nice class. It covered everything it was supposed to, especially when given time behind the wheel. My teacher, Ms. Shahida helped me significantly with gaining confidence and reinforcing the rules of the road."

Katherine Ridenour

"Mrs. Shahida Ahmed is a very excellent teacher. She is very patient with your driving skill, and takes time to perfect your skills for the driving test. Gives very helpful hints on how to perfect skills."

Kweku Arthur

"This driving school is very helpful my teacher ms. Shahida was very nice and understanding helped me a lot and I enjoyed the class and recommend it to others."

That Shawdytee
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